ETG 2016 Presents 



We’re incredibly excited to bring Shakespeare’s most famous play across Europe!


The Company

Tour Manager – Lewis Scott

Business Manager – Vanessa Upton

Director –  Emma Blacklay-Piech

Musical Director – Toby Marlow

Education Officer/Assistant Director –  Elinor Lipman

Production Manager – Leah Ward

Lighting Designer –  Catja Hamilton

Chief Electrician – Alan Egan

Stage Manager –  Saskia Baylis

Technical Director –  Theo Heymann


Hamlet – Sam Knights

Gertrude – Beth Davidson

Laertes – Ed Limb

Polonius – Colin Rothwell

Ophelia – Matilda Wickham

Horatio – Amy Malone

Ghost – Tom Chamberlain

Rosencrantz – Lucy Dickson

Guildenstern – Ash Weir



Monday 5th December 2016 at Aula Gymnasium Koeniz-Lerbermatt, Bern

Monday 5th December 2016 at Aula Gymnasium Koeniz-Lerbermatt, Bern

Wednesday 7th December 2016 at Ecole Internationale de Geneve, Geneva

Thursday 7th December 2016 at Ecole Internationale de Geneve, Geneva

Monday 12th December 2016 at Gymnaise de Burier, Montreux

Tuesday 13th December 2016 at Kantonsschule, Sursee

Thursday 15th December 2016 at Leuven

Sunday 18th December 2015 at The Cockpit Theatre, London

Tuesday 10th January 2017 – Sat 14th January 2017 at ADC Theatre, Cambridge