October 20, 2016

2019 Tour



“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”

Behind the shiny exterior of Measured Investments is a den of depravity fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, prostitution and most significantly power. In an effort to clean up his company, CEO Vincentio, has handed over to his deputy, but Angelo’s purintanical rule is not as virtuous as he would like it to appear.

Contrasting dark scenes with explosive comedy between drunken bawds and incompetent police officers, Shakespeare’s most intricate problem play Measure for Measure explores manipulation and control. In a new setting this production gives rise to questions about morality and consent in today’s corporate world.


Tour Manager: Phoebe Schenk
Business Manager: Theo Sawkins
Production Manager: Isabella Woods

Director: Odette Baber Straw
Assistant Director: Chloe Lansley
Education Officer: Grace Glevey

Set Designer: Michelle Spielberg
Stage Manager: Daisy Everingham
Lighting Designer: Dmitry Bashtanov
CLX: Annabelle York

Technicians: Ella Fitt, Jeremy Zolnai-Lucas, Jamie Atkinson
Publicity Designer: Bella Biddle
Education Pack Designer: Jerry Chen
Costume Designer: Coral Dalitz


Angelo: George Solomou
Isabella: Priya Edwards
Vincentio: Harry Burke
Lucio: Eleanor Lind-Booton
Claudio: Saul Barrett
Mariana: Imani Thompson
Escalus: Anna Bullard
Pompey: Eliz Avni
Provost/Elbow: Alice Murray

2pm, 10th December 2019 at the Kantonsschule Sursee, Sursee, Switzerland
2.45pm & 7.30pm, 12th December 2019 at the Gymnasium Lebermatt, Kӧniz, Bern, Switzerland
8.15pm, 14th December 2019 at Mike’s Badhuistheater, Amsterdam, Netherlands
7pm, 17th December 2019 at Zaal Heliand, Leuven, Belgium
7pm, 18th December 2019 at Hiberniaschool, Antwerp, Belgium
7.30pm, 20th December 2019 at The Cockpit Theatre, London, UK
7.45pm, 14th – 18th January 2020 at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge, UK