Join the 2016 Tour

The European Theatre Group is looking for experienced, competent and enthusiastic people to join this year’s tour. ETG has toured round Europe with a Shakespeare play almost every December since 1957, and is one of the most exciting and ambitious opportunities Cambridge theatre has to offer.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and imaginative Director to put together an exciting take on Shakespeare for a young European audience.

We are accepting applications for HAMLET and will also consider applications for JULIUS CAESAR. Please note that we are unlikely to consider applications for other Shakespeare plays, especially if they have been performed at the ADC Theatre or Corpus Playroom in the last three years.

Please apply stating any relevant experience and why you would be suitable for the role. Directors should lay out their vision for the show as well as outlining how they would cut the show to a length of 2 hours, work with a cast of only 10, how they would adapt the show to differing standards of venues on tour and also what they would do to make the show accessible to students of English as a foreign language.

All applications or questions should be sent to Lewis at

The application deadline is 7pm, Thursday 10th March. Interviews will be on Friday or Saturday. Please let us know if there are any issues with these dates.

50 Year Reunion

From humble origins, setting out on the first tour of Europe in a trusty fruit and veg van, ETG is in as good health as ever.

This was evident at the 50 Year Reunion of the 1965 ETG tour, The Merry Wives of Windsor, who met in London this month. Members of the 2015 ETG had the privilege of being invited along to share stories, hear of the group’s fond memories and most importantly, to provide reassurance that ETG continues to thrive.

Among the group was the actress Miriam Margolyes (Mistress Ford) known to most of this year’s ETG as Professor Sprout in Harry Potter and, continuing the Shakespearean tradition, as the Nurse in Romeo + Juliet. In her honour, we assured Miriam that we too would be dancing on the tables on our trip.

The tour continues to be a coach-bound operation and travels to many of the same places it did 50 years ago. Another constant is the warm and lasting friendships ETG has created. In the words of a member of the 1965 team, ‘Out of the letters ETG, we were always a Group first’.

Here’s to the next 50 years…

We’d like to thank Mike Reynolds, Martin Short and Miriam Margolyes in particular for the invite and for hosting a truly wonderful evening.


The Merry Wives, Miriam Margolyes and Sue Pulford



The ETG Experience

A typical day on tour doesn’t exist! Every single performance is like an opening night as we usually only perform at any given venue for a day, meaning we constantly have to adapt the show, both technically and artistically, to best suit the space we are performing in. However as a rough idea, we leave the previous venue very early in the morning, arriving at the new venue around lunchtime. The entire company then unloads the coach and starts the “get-in”, setting up the lighting, sound and set.

Whilst the techies finish this, the cast prepare the show for this new stage. Sometimes we then put on a late matinée (and if not, we explore the town), before settling down to dinner followed by the evening show. Once the curtain comes down we rapidly “get-out”, reload the coach, and by midnight, head off to stay with a host family!

These quotes and images give a brief insight into The ETG Experience…

“A perfect bridge between student and professional theatre, the intense tour establishes a theatrical family and requires a consummate professionalism that most London theatres would envy.”

— Alexandra Spencer-Jones, Director, Taming of The Shrew (2005/6)

“ETG was all about the people involved – the strong bonds we formed with each other on tour, the often vastly different audiences, and the amazing hospitality of so many host families (all those midnight meals were so appreciated!).”

— Rob Asher, Tour Manager, Much Ado About Nothing (2003/4)

“ETG was the biggest learning curve of my life. There are so many pressures on time and on the work; and yet so many triumphs, from the friends you make to the venues you see, and the applause you earn. Neither a more challenging nor a more rewarding project exists in Cambridge.”

— David Brown, Director, Hamlet (2008/9)

“It was certainly a very eclectic bunch of people who set out on the first few tours … in an unchartered plane. The scenery followed on a lorry called Jack Nutter – from the fruit company from whom we bought it and whose logo was still on the side!”

— Michael Deakin (from first tour in 1957), Professional Film Producer

“The scale and endeavour has few, if any, parallels amongst student drama companies.”

— Emma Price, Tour Manager, The Tempest (1994/5)

“ETG is unique in its commitment to the notion of a company, building a team over 11 months prior to the departure dates. The tour itself is a trial of stamina – ETG stretches people to their limit. However, the professionalism shown under these circumstances has become both the hallmark of ETG and a tribute to the group effort from which the tour is created.”

— Dominic Vallely, Tour Manager, As You Like It (1992/3)

“An opportunity to see Europe from a different perspective, make strong lifelong friends and work extremely hard to produce a great show in ten venues over a two week period!”

— Michael Nabarro, Tour Manager, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2001/2)