50 Year Reunion

From humble origins, setting out on the first tour of Europe in a trusty fruit and veg van, ETG is in as good health as ever.

This was evident at the 50 Year Reunion of the 1965 ETG tour, The Merry Wives of Windsor, who met in London this month. Members of the 2015 ETG had the privilege of being invited along to share stories, hear of the group’s fond memories and most importantly, to provide reassurance that ETG continues to thrive.

Among the group was the actress Miriam Margolyes (Mistress Ford) known to most of this year’s ETG as Professor Sprout in Harry Potter and, continuing the Shakespearean tradition, as the Nurse in Romeo + Juliet. In her honour, we assured Miriam that we too would be dancing on the tables on our trip.

The tour continues to be a coach-bound operation and travels to many of the same places it did 50 years ago. Another constant is the warm and lasting friendships ETG has created. In the words of a member of the 1965 team, ‘Out of the letters ETG, we were always a Group first’.

Here’s to the next 50 years…

We’d like to thank Mike Reynolds, Martin Short and Miriam Margolyes in particular for the invite and for hosting a truly wonderful evening.


The Merry Wives, Miriam Margolyes and Sue Pulford



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